Realistic Poetry International presents the Poets Are Heroes Magazine, a creative, diverse, resourceful expressive publication created to highlight and celebrate the power of poetry and poets. Our company is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing out the best in you. So, we hope you can be encouraged, inspired, and motivated by the articles, poems, information, and discussions in this first edition! The views expressed in this magazine are not solely that of Realistic Poetry International. This is an open platform for all poets to express their own personal opinions and views about people, life, and the world.


​Heroes exist all over the world. We want everyone to get involved and share this Magazine with all your family and friends. We truly value and consider the voice of our audience, so please share your thoughts about any of the articles, poems, or other features in this edition. If you have any ideas, achievements, poems, or any other interesting things you would like us to consider for upcoming editions, please email us at   

We believe poets are heroes. 

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